Guide to buying and trading IOTA Cryptocurrency in Australia.

What Is IOTA?

Learn more about IoT and find out why IOTA is the perfect solution to problems in this emerging industry.

Comprehensive Tutorials

Tutorials to help you buy & trade IOTA. All info is specifically tailored to help Australians trade IOTA.


Connect with other likeminded enthusiasts in Australia to discuss & learn about IOTA cryptocurrency.

No idea what’s going on?

Understanding the whole process can be a little overwhelming.

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    Inform Yourself

    Learn more about IOTA, where to buy it and where to store it once you have some. Our tutorials and guide are designed to support the IOTA community in Australia.

    Choose Where To Buy

    It’s the wild west in Cryptocurrency trading so you really have to purchase from the correct vendors. There aren’t alot of regulations around currency so protect yourself from being ripped off.

    Choose Your Wallet

    Store IOTA on your downloadable IOTA wallet or leave it on an exchange wallet. Either way, evaluate the best option for you.

    Safety & Storage

    Learn how to protect yourself from theft & hackers through security measures such as two factor authentication, Google Authenticator & best practice security procedure.

    Cashing Out

    There is not point in being a paper millionaire with not option to withdraw your gains. Evaluate the best options in cashing out and reaping the fruits you have sowed.

    Latest News

    The Latest News In The World Of IOTA.

    IOTA Price Moves Up Following RBVC Investment

    IOTA price moves up 27% IOTA price has moved up following news of a significant buy from a venture capital firm. Venture capital Robert Bosch Venture Capital has just purchased[…]

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    Bitcoin Vs IOTA

    We match Bitcoin vs IOTA to find the differences of each coin. The main technology behind IOTA is tangle which is different to the blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin. View[…]

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    IOTA Foundation Video | Going The Last Mile

    Dr. Julie Maupin gives a talk on how the IOTA foundation is focusing on machine-to-machine communications as a way of connecting humans.

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