How to set up IOTA wallet

In this tutorial, we show you how to set up IOTA wallet on your desktop.

  1. Download and install IOTA wallet from Github.
  2. Create a new 81 seed address (Capital letters and only the number 9 can be used. Up to 81 Characters) the seed is like your private key or address so don’t share it with anyone and keep it secure. You have to create this seed yourself since the wallet doesn’t do it for you. View our seed generation tutorial for more info.
  3. Once you log in with your new Seed, connect to a light node. We found the Bitfinex node to be the most reliable right now.
  4. Generate a new receive address and make sure you attach to the tangle before sending your iota from the exchange to that address (the one you generated and attached to the tangle NOT THE SEED!!!) once the address has been created and attached to the tangle, copy that address and use it as the send address from your exchange. 
  5.  In the future, if you wish to store more IOTAs,you will need to generate a new receive address (step 4) and once again attach it to the tangle. You will then need to send your iotas from the exchange to the new address. The tangle is not like blockhain wallets where you always use the same address.

It may take some time for the IOTAs to arrive in your wallet so don’t stress if you don’t see it instantly. It may take a while for some exchanges as the delay is on the exchange side and now on the tech side.