What Is IOTA

IOTA is a cryptocurrency built for the secure communication and payment between machines. It uses a unique technology called the Tangle giving it the following features:

  • $0 Transactional Fees
  • No mining and all coins have already been distributed.
  • Even supercomputers cannot guess your public key so its super secure.
  • The ecosystem experiences network effects as the more users there are, the stronger the network becomes.

How To Buy IOTA Tutorials

Why IOTA Has Lots Of Potential

IOTA provides the backbone for the Internet Of Things so imagine all the connected devices in the future that will benefit from this infrastructure. You may already own a smart car or a smart fridge but it’s still early days in the industry and many people do not understand how the technology works. We found the IOTA Subreddit to be really helpful so check it out:

Great 2 minute video explaining what IOTA is: